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How We Work

How Interspond, LLC Works

Interspond, LLC is a Trial Management Organization (TMO) specializing in investigator identification, facilitating study start-up activities, and project management. As a TMO, we work with a number of sites across the country that conduct studies in a variety of therapeutic areas, with specialties in Rheumatology, Neurology and Ophthalmology. We do not own the sites with which we work. Sites are in one of two categories: affiliated or exclusive. Affiliated sites work through Interspond on a study-by-study basis, while exclusive sites sign a contract for Interspond to be their exclusive business development partner. Currently, Interspond works with approximately 20 exclusive sites and more than 50 affiliated sites.

Our success depends on the quality of the sites with which we work. It also depends on developing and maintaining a trusting, respectful, professional business relationship with each site and CRO/Sponsor. Open communication is key since miscommunication can lead to less than desirable results. We are successful when the sites with which we work are successful. We value relationships and make that a central focus of our efforts.

Our process is to identify potential study opportunities for the sites with which we work, query our database for qualified investigators based on the specified criteria, and provide the Sponsor/CRO with a pre-qualified list of sites that are interested and capable of conducting the clinical research study. Interspond will execute confidentiality disclosure agreements (CDAs) with qualified sites and send them the feasibility questionnaire (FQ) for completion. We will then sort through responses and submit the most qualified sites for consideration to the CRO/Sponsor. When available, a study synopsis will be forwarded to the sites as well. Sites are kept up to date on the study status once we submit their site for consideration. We are the initial main point of contact, so we will facilitate scheduling pre-study site visits and will continue to advocate for sites until they are officially selected.

Once a site is officially selected, we will remain the primary point of contact and continue to work with sites in completing and collecting all critical documents. We will also be responsible for negotiating contracts and budgets. Interspond is party to the contract and is listed as the payee. We receive payment from the Sponsor and are then responsible for paying the sites. We process site payments on a weekly basis according to payments we receive from CROs/Sponsors.

Interspond will serve as the main point of contact to centralize the flow of communication between all parties. Sites may receive the regulatory documents directly from the CROs/Sponsor, however, contracts and budgets will be sent to the sites by Interspond.

Interspond will continue to be involved with the study until study completion. We will process amendments, reconcile payments and assist with study close-out procedures. We are there, every step of the way.