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Exclusive Sites

Initially, Interspond worked with research sites on a study-by-study basis. These sites were considered affiliated sites since they continued to work with other companies, including Interspond. Over the years, our model has morphed to keep current with the demands of our customers and clients. Today, our work serving the clinical and pharmaceutical research industry is a hybrid model: we work with a group of exclusive sites and continue working with our affiliated sites, as well.

Exclusive sites are those that have signed an agreement with Interspond authorizing us to provide business development services for their sites.  This allows us to register in CRO and Sponsor databases on their behalf, market their services specifically for their Principal Investigators (PIs), update and maintain their PIs’ curriculum vitaes (CVs), complete feasibility questionnaires (FQs) on their behalf with their input and submit their sites to CROs and Sponsors for consideration for participation in clinical research studies.  No other TMO, site management organization (SMO), study broker or other entity is then allowed to submit our exclusive sites to CROs or Sponsors.  This process is highly desirable as there is no cross-over with other companies submitting our sites for consideration for participation in clinical research studies.  All study opportunities flow through Interspond, regardless of the source of the lead.