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Affiliated Sites

As a Trial Management Organization (TMO) we seek to identify clinical research study opportunities for the sites with which we work. We work with sites that are located throughout the country and are multi-therapeutic in nature.

Interspond’s business model is a hybrid of exclusive sites and affiliated sites. Affiliated sites work with Interspond on a study-by-study basis and are not exclusive. If the site finds a study opportunity or one is brought directly to them from a Sponsor or a CRO, they do not have to work through Interspond, but can choose to if they would like.

The following are benefits to working through Interspond as an affiliated site:

  • There are no fees to work through Interspond and we do not take any commission. The budget sites negotiate with Interspond is exactly what Interspond pays them.
  • Interspond has a dedicated business development team that works with Sponsors and CROs to identify upcoming clinical research study opportunities. This allows sites to focus on what they do best: conducting research.
  • Interspond attends, exhibits and speaks at several industry conferences throughout the year. This keeps us on the cutting edge of trends in the industry and we share that information and knowledge with our clients and customers.
  • Interspond President Kathy S. Cox has been in the industry for more than 27 years and working within this business model for more than 20 years. We have exceptional staff with longevity in the industry and a great reputation.
  • Interspond is the network of choice for several top CROs and sponsors in the industry, creating trusting partnerships and opportunities for sites they might not otherwise receive.
  • Interspond has “skin in the game.” Our revenue is tied to the patient enrollment of our selected sites. It is therefore critical for us to vet sites with which we work very carefully in order to submit top enrolling sites for each project. We advocate for each site based on their individual capabilities.
  • Interspond reconciles invoices and payments freeing up your staff’s time for study-related activities.

Interspond currently works with affiliated sites in a diverse geographic area. Affiliated sites with which we work are located in the following states: